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Sunday, December 9, 2007

What was lost is now found!

Do you remember, dear friends, that I had started (pre Maria's party) a Christmas stocking for Clark to replace his 1951 sock knit for him at his birth by his aunt (every child and spouse got a stocking from her as the years past). In the bag was both Clark's old stocking and mine (knitted by the same aunt in 1974, the year of our marriage). Where the H... did I put them. Well, I have been on a crusade to clear the piles that occupy nearly every room in our house and garage - especially the garage. I was looking for a hook to hang the empty baskets in the garage that I had cleaned out. One hook hosted a bag and in the bag were the lost stockings and the one in process. Wow did that make my day!!!!! So, on the 16th, I hope to bring my completed or nearly completed sock (deadline is the 24th, in Florida, but that's years away, right!).

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Maria PN said...

I am so happy for you! Now, since you enjoy de-cluttering so much, I have a room or two that you are welcome to go through for me. We can pretend that we're on TLC's "Clean Sweep". Don't forget to bring them on the 16th!