Next Knitting Circle: Holiday Gathering at Kathryn's

... including our annual gift exchange (approx. $10 value). Please RSVP to Kathryn. (And note that the 2010-11 calendar has been posted too!)

Friday, December 28, 2007

EWE ALL are invited to my Services Auction brunch!

As you all know, I sponsored another knitting brunch for the 2007 Services Auction. It will be held on Sunday, January 13th at 1pm at my place and all you UU Ewes are cordially invited to attend. The bid price was $15 and I'll again do a gourmet brunch and light the fire, etc. We will have several guys there this time (UU Rams? doesn't work quite as well) and it would be wonderful to have you there too! Please RSVP to me. Thanks! Maria

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Mission accomplished!!!!!

Stocking completed!!!!!

Phew!!!!! I'm pretty proud of this one.

If I do not see you all before Christmas, please have a peaceful holiday. By the way, check out Rev. Sinkfords 2007 pastoral message. It is outstanding. Visit the UUA website or YouTube (search Sinkford pastoral).


Sunday, December 9, 2007

What was lost is now found!

Do you remember, dear friends, that I had started (pre Maria's party) a Christmas stocking for Clark to replace his 1951 sock knit for him at his birth by his aunt (every child and spouse got a stocking from her as the years past). In the bag was both Clark's old stocking and mine (knitted by the same aunt in 1974, the year of our marriage). Where the H... did I put them. Well, I have been on a crusade to clear the piles that occupy nearly every room in our house and garage - especially the garage. I was looking for a hook to hang the empty baskets in the garage that I had cleaned out. One hook hosted a bag and in the bag were the lost stockings and the one in process. Wow did that make my day!!!!! So, on the 16th, I hope to bring my completed or nearly completed sock (deadline is the 24th, in Florida, but that's years away, right!).

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Holiday stamps feature knitting designs!

For the 2007 holiday season, the U.S. Postal Service is issuing Holiday Knits, four stamps featuring classic Christmas-time imagery designed and machine knitted by nationally known illustrator Nancy Stahl. There is a dignified stag; a snow-dappled evergreen tree; a perky snowman sporting a top hat; and a whimsical teddy bear.

Here's the link -- I for one will definitely be ordering!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Holiday Party at The Knitting Corner

Thursday, December 20th, "for some goodies and holiday cheer." Owner Terri adds: "I sure hope everyone is having a happy, healthy holiday season. Try and remember to take a knitting break once in a while and give yourself a chance to gather your thoughts. Knitting has a wonderful way of letting us do just that."