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Friday, December 28, 2007

EWE ALL are invited to my Services Auction brunch!

As you all know, I sponsored another knitting brunch for the 2007 Services Auction. It will be held on Sunday, January 13th at 1pm at my place and all you UU Ewes are cordially invited to attend. The bid price was $15 and I'll again do a gourmet brunch and light the fire, etc. We will have several guys there this time (UU Rams? doesn't work quite as well) and it would be wonderful to have you there too! Please RSVP to me. Thanks! Maria

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Maria PN said...

We had another fun Services Auction circle yesterday, including some of our original UU Ewes, AND a couple of UU Rams this time! Dove modeled her lovely La Dolce Vita fingerless mitts, hereafter to be known by us all as "Dove's Gloves." Rich worked on his circular chenille scarf, Gerri worked on her Christmas Lights socks, Frannie on a poweder blue hat, and Carol on a brown tweed child's vest. Jackie A modeled some stranded projects, and Ginny taught Reba to crochet a silver mohair jacket for her dog. Renee taught Ken how not to keep adding stitches (and we've all been there!). However, the highlight of the day for me was hearing the otherwise sweet-voiced Nancy H's pottymouth as she tried to force a knitting needle through her first stitch. What she said can't be repeated here; suffice to say the earth trembled slightly and she set off the teapot. Thanks for another fun afternoon, and I look forward to seeing all our projects progress!