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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Knitting at the Beach

Just came across this old email -- remember this?


Kathryn: It's a baby sweater. It uses two different textures and five different colors of yarn. It's easy!

Maria: I hate this project, it's taking forever, it keeps slipping off the needles, I should have doubled the yarn, my dad isn't even going to wear it ...
Sylvia: Maria, do five rows on your Dad's scarf and then you can start your shawl.
Maria: Who knew Sylvia was such a martinet?
Chorus: What's a martinet?

Gerri: It’s a sock pouch. See? You carry your sock projects in it.

Ginny: I'm crocheting a cover for my umbrella. I'm starting it now and ... oh look! I'm done!

Chris: Maria, why do you keep working at something you don't like?
Maria: (grumble, grumble ... )

Someone: Dove, you’re a talented knitter.
Dove: ME? Oh, well yes, I've made numerous projects, including hats and shawls, but I'm not really very good ...

Sharon: (silently knitting away on her orange belt)

Chris: Look at my project! I love it! It's a wrap, it's a ballgown, it’s a SuperKnitter cape ...

Maria: I brought this brochure just for us to look at. It’s how to start an alpaca farm.
Someone: You know they breed alpacas on Long Island.
Maria: I do have a big backyard.

Gerri: I made a mistake. Right here. Can you see it? No? Good.
Chris: Knitting is a metaphor for life; you can't let the errors bother you. Let's go swimming, I'm hot.

Kathryn: Time for ice cream!

Everyone: Kathryn, we should do this every year!

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