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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Services Auction Basket (11/17/07)

Hey all, don't forget that we are putting together a UU Ewes basket for this year's Services Auction! What can you contribute? I have 2 skeins of some great self-patterning sock wool, for example, and Sylvia has extra double-pointed needles, and I am adding a free basic sock pattern. I also have a mug and some tea. We could add wool, fun needles, books, patterns, buttons, supplies (tape measures, stitch holders), etc. I know all of us have some great yarns in our stash and maybe even books and patterns that we could let go of! I am also going to approach our two Huntington knitting shops for donations (yarn, book, gift certificate, etc.).

I offered to collect the items for the basket, so do let me know how you might be able to contribute! Thank ewe! (I guess we really have to stop the "ewe" puns.)


Maria PN said...

Frannie is contributing yarn for a scarf, with directions. Thanks, Frannie!

Maria PN said...

And Sylvia is also contributing yarn, and "a pack of pretty buttons".

Maria PN said...

Update! I visited our two Huntington yarn shops today and both graciously donated items for our basket! Terri at The Knitting Corner told me to just fill one of their small shopping bags with yarn from the sale area, so I got a bunch of great yarn. And Valerie from Knitting on the Lamb contributed another gift certificate for a private individual or group knitting lesson (value $100). Say thanks next time you visit them! I'm also donating a book of knitting patterns, a great red water bottle that says "When you're starting to unravel ... start knitting!", and one of those cute sheep measuring tapes (a must for a "Ewes" basket!). I'm going to try to get a donation for a bottle of Eucalan wool wash from somewhere too. Your ideas and contributions are welcome -- bring to Ginny's on 10/28 or to Sunday services!

Sylvia said...

Great news, Maria! Thanks for doing this.... The Services Auction baskets are supposed to be worth about $50, so maybe that nice gift certificate could go up on the bulletin board for separate bidding instead. It sounds like we have lots of great "stuff" for the basket already, and this way it would bring in more money for the Auction. Just a suggestion! Another idea might be to group some of that yarn with the certificate and have it as a separate silent auction item in a nice package (along the wall). In any case, we'll put their names on the list of merchant donors to recognize and thank.

Maria PN said...

I like your ideas, Sylvia! Maybe we could auction off a "theme" basket, like a sock basket.

The yarn I got from The Knitting Corner was all the same, so I do think we could use some more donations. We can always save the excess for next year!

And speaking of next year -- I think we should start planning our pieced afghan!